Current Capacity & Reservation Notes


Because of current staffing issues, we will continue to do our best to serve all of our valued guests! Although the county has lifted all restrictions regarding capacity, masks, social distancing, etc., current business levels of barely more than 50% do not allow us to be fully staffed!

With that in mind, there are certain seating policies that we currently have in place that help us serve you and all of our diners to the best of our ability. Our current staffing level is a little more than half of what it would normally be. Although we have days/nights that are occasionally busy when there are events going on downtown, it is not consistently busy enough yet to add staff, if we could even get them!! These temporary policies help us get your food and drinks to you in the most timely manner possible. WE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING & COOPERATION.

-Utilizing EVENT & GAME DAY MENU on days with large events at Lucas Oil Stadium, Convention Center or White River State Park.

-You may see empty tables, even when busy, in different areas of the restaurant on any given night. Until we return to being fully staffed, we will not be using all of our available seating.

-Maximum table size is typically 8 guests, especially on event/game days

-Maximum reservation size at lunch is 16 guests.

Maximum reservation size at dinner is 8 guests. Multiple reservations (more than 8 guests) made by different guests that all want to sit together will not be honored.

Reservations are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. We are typically staffed at just half of what we normally would be, so it is quite challenging if we have an extraordinary amount of walk in guests and are not staffed for it.

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